Reading WK 4

Chapter 2 goes on to talk about storytelling in info visualization. Ben Fry talks about seven stages of creating an info visualization which are: acquire, parse, filter, mine, represent, refine, and interact. Besides all these Storytelling is the biggest talent to creating an info visual.But that does not mean each visual/data needs a story.

Question + Visual Data + Content = Story

Further in the chapter the author talks about what their gudielines are for creating an effective visual which are:

  1. Formulate the question.
  2. Gather the data.
  3. Apply a visual representation.

Formulate the question… Ask the question that is going to drive the story you’re trying to tell. A specific question will have a heavy impact on the final representation of the visual. Questions that we ask that start out with “where”, “when”, “how much”, “how often” are great starting points.

I also like how the author goes into talking about the visual and the different elements we can use for creating one. Two good examples are Size & Color.


1. US pet ownership

2. Horse Industry Statistics

3. Not so much a place for statistics but a great source for inspiration



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